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what is contractors insurance and why do you need it
Contractor Insurance

What is contractor insurance & why do you need it?

A Contractors’ insurance policy provides peace of mind for your construction business and designed to protect you from claims made for injury or damage to employees, sub-contractors, members of the public, property damage, projects (also known as contract works), theft of tools, equipment or plant (both owned by you or hired in) and legal disputes.

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what insurance do I need as a contractor
Contractor Insurance

What Insurance Do I Need As A Contractor?

In a nutshell, a Contractors policy; also known as a ‘Contractors All Risks’ or ‘Contractors Combined’; is a one-stop, fully comprehensive insurance policy that combines various covers under one policy, for one single insurance premium. So, what insurance do I actually need as a Contractor? You will need Public Liability for starters, then depending on

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