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Are you a freeholder, leaseholder, right to manage, or a management company? Then you need a Blocks of Flats insurance policy as standard buildings insurance policies DO NOT provide adequate cover.
block of flats insurance

What is Blocks of Flats Insurance?

If you own or manage a block of flats, you will need specialist insurance because standard buildings insurance policies won’t provide adequate cover. A block policy will provide cover for the whole building, internal and external communal areas, any lifts (a separate inspection policy will be required for lifts), property owners liability and employers liability. It will provide cover for all major risks such as fire, storm, flood and leaks (burst pipes). If there is a lift in the building you will also require lift inspection cover.

A Blocks of Flats insurance policy can provide cover for a house converted into just two flats or a large block with many individual flats.

What can Blocks of Flat Insurance Cover?

  • Buildings: Cover for rebuilding/repairing damage to building
  • Contents: Cover for contents in common areas such as fitted carpets.
  • Accidental Damage
  • Malicious Damage: Caused by tenants
  • Inflation protection
  • Trace and access of leaks: In service pipes.
  • Alternative accommodation and/or loss of rent
  • Outbuildings: Such as garages, communal gardens and grounds.
  • One excess per incident: If damage affects several flats you are liable for only one excess per total claim.
  • Replacement keys: including keys to communal entrances.
  • Employers Liability: to cover anyone working in communal areas
  • Property owner’s Liability: cover if a third party (tenant or visitors) are injured as a result of your negligence
  • Insured perils: Can include; escape of water, flood, burst pipes, fire, storm, subsidence, impact, lightning, explosion, malicious damage, or terrorism

What else do I need?

  • Directors Insurance: To protect your personal assets if you are a director of a management company.
  • Rebuild Cost Assessment: A small one-off payment to obtain correct rebuild valuation to prevent under or over insurance.
  • Flood Excess Insurance: Provides vital financial protection for your business if the worst happens and your property is damaged by flood water.

What is covered inside my flat?

Block insurance will provide cover for damage to fixtures and fittings including kitchens, bathrooms, wooden flooring and any fitted wardrobes. Any contents, furniture, carpets or items that aren’t fixed will need to be covered by a separate contents only policy. This is the responsibility of the individual flat owner or tenant.

How do I know what amount I should insure my block for?

A valuation by a RICS qualified professional is the best way to make sure you are adequately insured. We can help with this from as little as £160.

How much does Blocks of Flats insurance cost?

There isn’t a set price. The cost is dependent on factors such as the size, construction, rebuild cost, claims history, occupancy, and how well the block is looked after.

Types of properties we can cover

  • Purpose built flats
  • Converted flats
  • Maisonettes
  • Apartment blocks
  • Let to Professionals
  • Student flats
  • DSS (direct agreement between landlord and tenant)
  • Airbnb
  • Single flats
  • Landlords contents only
  • Mixed use blocks – residential with some commercial units

Blocks of Flats Claim Examples

A leaseholder loses their balance and falls into their fitted wardrobes in the bedroom. The wardrobes were bespoke, and cost £2,500 to replace. As the wardrobes were fitted in the bedroom they were covered under the block of flats policy rather than the tenants own contents insurance. The Insurers paid the cost, minus the excess.
Extremely strong winds lifted the roof off a block of flats causing substantial damage to the structure and the flats. Water seeped through the top floor flats down to the ground floor flats, with all flats in the block being affected. The insurers covered the cost of; temporary repairs to the roof to make it watertight and prevent further damage, professional fees, the reinstatement costs to the roof, the cost of repairs to each individual flat, and the alternative accommodation costs for each leaseholder that needed to move out due to not having the use of their kitchen and/or bathroom, or their general health and safety was at risk. The claim was settled for circa £120,000.
A person visiting one of the leaseholders slipped on ice and injured their arm. A solicitor submitted a claim for personal injury, and alleged negligence against the freeholder of the block of flats, (for not clearing the snow to make a safe passage for people to walk to and from the flats). The insurers settled the claim out of court on behalf of the freeholder and the claim totaled £24,000! £4,000 was paid to the person who slipped on the ice, and £20,000 was paid for legal fees.

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Glowsure were fantastic and efficient at arranging buildings insurance for my block of flats. I would highly recommend them. An excellent and competitive service. Thank you!

Glowsure sourced an excellent quote quickly for buildings insurance and happily followed up on the various queries from myself and the other owners. They dealt with those queries promptly and explained things very clearly and provided better cover at a better price and generally made the process much less stressful and difficult than is often the case. Very patient, polite, friendly, and extremely helpful and provided an excellent service. I have every intention of looking to Glowsure to sort out all my insurance requirements from now on and am delighted Wes was able to help.

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