Safety Focused Newsletter August 2015

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Controlling Workplace Anxiety

Identify signs of anxiety and use the following techniques to stay calm.

It is normal for people to feel nervous or anxious during an interview or before public speaking, but feeling pervasive, irrational anxiety all day is not. The Mental Health Foundation estimates that 4.7 per cent of the United Kingdom suffer from anxiety problems each year. Anxiety in the workplace can have a major impact—individuals who have an anxiety disorder may have difficulty with common workplace expectations such as meeting deadlines or maintaining relationships with peers.

Promoting Foot Safety

Learn how to choose the right shoes for the job.

Foot health is a primary concern for all workers. Every year, about 22,000 people in the United Kingdom miss work for more than three days due to foot injuries, according to the HSE. Though all workers need to be conscious of foot safety, those who spend a large portion of their days standing are at an additional risk since foot bones and muscles are designed for mobility and not for long periods of standing or inactivity.

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Ben Sisson
Ben Sisson
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