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What is Shop Insurance?

No matter what kind of shop you have, we bet you’ve invested a lot of time and money into it so it makes sense to protect what you’ve built. A Shop Insurance policy provides specialist cover for the risks you face running a customer facing business, covering things like stock, buildings and contents; public, product, and employers’ liability, money, goods in transit and shop front glass cover. You can pick and choose the elements you need, all under one policy.

What can Shop Insurance Cover?

  • Business Contents: Depending on what type of shop you own this can include; furniture, office equipment, computers, tills/point of sale equipment, printers, salon chairs and fridges/freezers. – anything in your shop that isn’t stock and is moveable.
  • Stock cover: If you hold any stock on the premises.
  • Buildings Insurance: If you own the property, this section will protect your property from physical damage.
  • Tenants Improvements: If you lease the property, this is cover for any improvements you make to it.
  • Employers Liability: A legal requirement if you have staff.
  • Public Liability: If members of the public visit your place of work.
  • Business Interruption Cover: Usually based on gross profit or revenue if you couldn’t’t trade from your premises for a period due to an insured claim.
  • Legal expenses: In case your company has to defend itself in a commercial dispute.
  • Cover whilst your goods or stock are in transit (i.e. out for delivery).
  • Shop front glass cover in case of breakages or vandalism – this will usually be your responsibility within the lease agreement.
  • Theft by employees (Fidelity) – if an employee steals money or stock.
  • Freezer contents.

What else do I need?

  • Cyber Insurance: If you hold client data (paper or electronic), use email, have a website or take online transactions.
  • Directors Insurance: Covers the individual and their personal assets from claims made for actual or alleged wrongful acts.
  • Corporate/Company Legal Liability: Covers the business from claims made for actual or alleged wrongful acts.
  • Employment Practice Liability: Covers the business against employment disputes
  • Professional Indemnity insurance: If your business gives any advice or provides a professional service.

Why is my Employer Reference Number needed?

Your company ERN is your PAYE reference number, issued by HMRC when you register as an employer. An insurance provider must give Employers Liability insurance policy details, including your ERN, to the Employers Liability Tracing Office (ELTO) for its database. This helps people who have suffered injury or illness at work to find the insurance company which was providing Employers Liability insurance at the time their injury, or illness was sustained.

What does employer’s liability coverage include?

Employers Liability coverage protects the owner of a business against the cost of any claims for compensation made by an employee who was injured while being employed in a job for which the business owner is legally liable. An employee could be a volunteer, work candidate, student or helper and does not have to be paid to be deemed an employee.

I lease the shop I run my business from, do I need to purchase shop front cover?

That depends on the details of your lease agreement. If your lease clearly states that you are responsible for your shopfront, then you will need to take out additional shop front cover with your policy.

Types of businesses we can cover

We can provide insurance cover for almost any type of shop. Here are some examples we insure;

  • Convenience stores
  • Charity shops
  • Boutique shops
  • Clothing shops
  • Hardware shops
  • Hair and Beauty salons
  • Furniture shops
  • Textiles shops
  • Antiques shops
  • Food shops

Office Insurance Claim Examples

Our client’s shop window was smashed one night and the cost to replace the window amounted to £1,600. By quickly providing photos of the damaged window and two comparable estimates to the insurer, we had the claim settled within a week of notification.
A beauty salon near a seafront suffered storm damage. Its fascia was damaged, a sign board was ripped off and an electric sun canopy was ripped apart by the storm. The total cost of damage was £2,600, which was settled within 10 days of being reported to us.

A member of staff slipped and cut their leg on a piece of metal sticking out from a ladder. The employee sued the owner of the shop for damages totalling £8,000. We supported our client by attending the meeting with the loss adjuster with them! We helped by assisting with the review of Health and Safety procedures and answering questions relating to the incident. 

The insurer dealt with all the correspondence from the employee’s solicitor and they obtained all the medical information needed to settle out of court. The claim ended up totalling £24,000 (the employee received £4,000 and the legal costs were £20,000).

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Customer Reviews

We have recently arranged a shop policy with Glowsure and for the first time in 17 years of trading it was a completely painless experience putting our insurance in place! The team have been extremely efficient and helpful. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

I recently experienced a break-in at my shop loosing vital laptops with data and other equipment alongside stock purchased for my coming season. This was a first-time experience for me having been trading for 31 years and a great shock to the daily running of the business. I was really unsure how to progress but phoning Glowsure took all the worry and pain out of the situation. They immediately organised everything and within a week had settled my claim. Being burgled is very invasive so having an insurance company who act so quickly has been a godsend. I would thoroughly recommend their care and cover.

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