Insurance Renewals

Delivering the same high quality service at every renewal.
Insurance Renewals

Renewals, Glowsure Style

If something changes in your life or business and you haven’t advised us or the insurer, then you could be at risk of not being covered at all.

We don’t just assume your circumstances stay the same, year on year. We ‘check in’ with you every 3 months in case your policy needs to be adjusted because we want to make sure you’re paying for insurance that actually covers you.

It’s easy to forget to mention something that’s changed which could affect a claim or even void your policy. We understand that calling your insurance broker easily slips the mind, so we consider it OUR job to check in with you every so often.

Our Renewals Process

Quarterly check-ins

We will contact you at the 3, 6 and 9 month stages of your policy just to make sure there have not been any changes that could jeopardise your policy should you need to make a claim.

Renewal date and policy information

At least 6 weeks before your renewal date we will contact you again to ensure all the information we have is still correct (incorrect information could invalidate a claim).

Obtaining the most competitive quotes

We will obtain renewal terms from your existing insurer as well as comparing the market for you, and we will enter into price negotiations with insurers if required. Once we have suitable renewal terms, we will make our recommendation to you and issue your renewal options in good time.

On cover

Once you have had a chance to review our recommendations and given us instruction to renew your policy, we will organise the cover and issue you with new documents.

Insurance Renewals FAQ's

We will contact you around 6 weeks before your policy is due for renewal to confirm if the details we hold are still the same or have changed. We will begin work on obtaining renewal terms from your existing insurer as well as comparing the market to ensure you have the best cover at a competitive price. We will then email our recommendation to you in good time before the renewal date. If you have not confirmed to us to renew a week before the date it is due then we will send a reminder to you and again at 2 days before your policy is due. We will always try to call you as well as email unless you have stated otherwise.
No, we don’t automatically renew your policy but there are some instances when we might. For example, where we have not been able to get hold of you to confirm if you would like to renew your policy. We wouldn’t want you to be left without cover so in such circumstances if you have a standard policy, the insurer is not changing, you have not specifically told us not to auto renew and you have paid for your current policy by direct debit, then we will renew your policy on your behalf.
If you do not wish to renew your policy with us, we simply ask that you let us know before the renewal date. We will lapse the policy and issue you with confirmation.

Advise us of a change to your policy details or request a free quote

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