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We’re here to take the headache out of claims for you. Don’t worry we’re here. You can call, email, write to us or even pay us a visit.
insurance claims

Making a Claim? Here’s what you need to do:

Contact the team

Contact the team on 01730 239387, complete our contact form or send us an email as soon as possible and let us know what’s happened. We have our own in-house claims team, who are on-hand to support you every step of the way in the event of claim. You will speak to the same Glowsure handler throughout the process (so there’s no having to speak to different people to keep explaining the same thing!)

Complete the gaps

We will take all the details we need from you and let you know if we need you to gather any more information, or to obtain quotes/estimates. We can even arrange these for you if you would prefer! We will log the claim with the insurer and liaise with them throughout on your behalf. Should the insurers require further information in support of your claim we will work alongside you to supply all information until the gaps are filled!

The decision

Our in-house claims team keep a very watchful eye on outstanding claims! We will continue to chase insurers on your behalf until your claim is finalised and settled.

Insurance Claims FAQ's

Yes! We believe the proof is in the pudding! When you purchase an insurance policy from Glowsure you also purchase peace of mind that your claim will be dealt with from start to finish by our own in-house claims team.
Yes, you will have your very own dedicated claims handler. They will be assigned to you as your single point of contact throughout the duration of the claim, so you only have to tell your story once!
You are welcome to obtain your own quotes for any repairs/remedial works - often insurers will require at least 2 estimates anyway. However, we can arrange for estimates / quotes on your behalf. (We know what we’d choose!)
We will fully support you throughout each stage of the claim. So if your claim requires meeting with loss adjusters, we will attend the meeting in person.
This does depend on the type and size of the claim. As a guide, we often settle high net worth and household claims in a matter of days, smaller property claims within 1-2 weeks but larger claims can take longer due to loss adjuster meetings and estimates required but usually these are still settled within weeks. Liability claims can take months, even years due to the amount of legal work and extent of some injuries. Whatever the claim, we will chase the insurer regularly to push it through as quickly as possible and we’ll keep you updated every step of the way. Our claims service is where we can really make a difference, so we don’t want them to drag on anymore than you do.

You can complete an online form here. This covers all of the information required to log a claim to the insurers, which we’ll do on your behalf and contact you should additional supporting evidence be required.

  • You should take the necessary steps to minimise the loss and prevent further damage as far as possible.
  • If there has been a break-in, the police should be contacted to report the incident and they will provide you with a crime reference number.
  • Take photographs of any damage as evidence to support your claim
  • You should contact your insurers emergency helpline number which can be found in the policy wording.
  • Report the details to Glowsure as soon as possible the following day

If you make a claim on your home insurance, the premium could increase at the next renewal date, depending upon the type of claim and number of claims you have had.

Making a claim can increase rates by approximately 10% and if a second claim is made within a certain period of time, (for instance within 5 years), the rate could typically rise by approximately 20%.
Depending upon the value of your claim, if the amount is near to your policy excess then the more negligible the benefit is in claiming so you may decide that making a small claim is not worth it.

No. The policy excess is payable upon settlement of the claim and will be deducted from the total costs submitted in respect of repairs.

If you are claiming for your own damage then the excess is payable, regardless of blame and your policy documents will tell you how much this is.

If you are not at fault for the incident and another party has accepted full responsibility then your insurers will claim your excess back from them. We will keep a watchful eye to ensure that your excesses are fully recovered.

If you are not claiming for your own damage, you do not need to pay any excesses. This is the case even if you are at fault for the incident and the other party is claiming through your policy. Your excess only applies to your own damage.

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