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Safety Focused

Safety Tips for Business Travellers If you travel for work, you know that the experience can be exciting, hectic and sometimes dangerous. With schedules jam-packed with meetings and barely enough time to eat, business travellers tend to prioritise fulfilling their work obligations over ensuring their safety. But neglecting your basic safety—especially while travelling for work

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Personal Lines – Perspectives – May 2015

Buckle Up Before You Go Wearing a seat belt can not only save your life but also protect you against steep fines. Preventing Dog Bites Follow these helpful pieces of advice to keep your dog calm and well-behaved. Disclose Your Medical History Before you head off on holiday, be sure to be honest when seeking

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Personal Lines Perspectives

Texting Raises Motor Premiums Motorists who are caught using their mobiles while driving face a 20 per cent increase to their motor insurance premiums. Millennials Forgoing Tenant Cover While millennials are more likely to rent, they are also more likely to ignore the security of tenant cover. 5 Things That Void Travel Cover On your

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Business Travel Insurance

Travelling for work can pose many risks to your employees. Whether travelling within the United Kingdom or abroad, they must accomplish the goals of their business trips while also dealing with the unfamiliarity of their surroundings and the accompanying risks. Because the primary objective of a business trip is completing deals and company  objectives, travel

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