We’re here to make commercial insurance easy for you

Glowsure is an independent commercial insurance broker based in Waterlooville, Hampshire. We are made up of a perfectly formed team of insurance superheroes. We know our stuff and we will find the best cover we can, at the best price! If you need to claim, we’ll swoop in and take care of everything for you.
Glowsure Commercial Insurance Brokers

Why choose Glowsure as your commercial insurance brokers?

Commercial insurance isn’t the most exciting topic in the world but it’s important if you have a business or a property to make sure that you’re protected with a decent policy. Navigating the internet to find the right policy can leave you in a world of confusion and let’s be honest, there are just better things you want to be doing.

If the worst happens, we will deal with the claim and fight for every penny you’re entitled to... and we mean that, our team of insurance superheroes won’t give up until it’s sorted!

Making your commercial insurance easy

Glowsure is based on the simple foundation of ‘making commercial insurance easy’. We don’t have call centres or phone queues and we won’t fob you off to the insurer if you have a claim and leave you to sort it. We’ll explain things in plain English and we’ll even come to see you if you like.
We aim to make every interaction with us an easy and positive one.
Glowsure Commercial Business Insurance Brokers

Policies Designed To Protect You

Let’s be honest, we will ask you a lot of questions! How else can we make sure that you have the right policy that is going to pay out in the event of a claim? So, whilst it might be an inconvenience at first, you can sleep easy knowing that your insurance superhero has arranged the right policy that will protect your business or property.

Dedicated Claims Handling Service

We’ll never fob you off to an insurer or leave you on your own if you need to claim. Make one call to us. We will handle it all for you from logging the claim, arranging estimates, repairs, attending claims meetings and chasing the insurers until the claim is settled. We’ve travelled the country (in our superhero capes) to be there when our clients needed us.

We compare quotes from market leading insurers

We understand that running your own business is no walk in the park. You carry the weight of the responsibility for yourself and others! A slip or mishap could threaten everything you’ve built. We’re here to help you protect yourself against the cost of legal claims, repairs, lost equipment, jobs gone bad or lost earnings.

We’re independent so we can search the market for you and if you have to claim, we’ll handle it all for you on your behalf. You just need to give us a good overview of what you do and we’ll search the market for the best cover at the best price available to us.

I run two personal training studio’s in Poole and subsequently require multiple insurance policies. I have multiple staff and I am time poor. This is where the service delivered first class value and the price is exceptionally competitive. This whole thing was hands off for me knowing a broker searched the market and thoroughly tied up the details to make sure I'm covered. I just renewed and it was dealt with in less than 10 minutes. If it's a quality and fairly priced service you are after this is exactly what you will get.

Whether it’s your own home, a buy-to-let property you’ve invested in or commercial premises, property is often our most valuable asset.
We can help you protect your property assets and retain income in the event of a claim.

Because we’re independent, we can search the market for you and if you have to claim we will handle it all for you. All you have to do is tell us all about your property and how it’s used and we’ll search the market for the best cover at the best price available to us.

Glowsure have dealt with all my insurance needs on my buy-to-let properties for the past ten years, and on the one occasion I needed to make a claim, they were superb, handling the whole process for me. Thoroughly recommended.

Nationwide Commercial & Business Insurance Brokers

Glowsure Insurance is based in Hampshire but with a nationwide reach! Wherever you are based we can help you. Contact our superhero insurance team today for a free no obligation competitive quote.
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