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property underinsurance and average clause
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What is Property Underinsurance and the Average Clause?

Property Underinsurance and ‘The Average Clause’ The primary purpose of property insurance is to provide a safehold when you sustain a loss that you simply cannot afford. However, at Glowsure we often see clients whose property is 70-80% underinsured. A previous client’s property was underinsured by over £1 million. A 2019 report by found

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Glowsure Insurance Brokers - Unoccupied Property
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Is Your Unoccupied Property Fully Insured?

A staggering 1 in 7 property owners in the UK leaves their abode empty for more than one month at a time. It is crucial to ensure that your insurance policy carries the right level of cover for unoccupied property. Do you know how long you’re allowed to leave a property unoccupied before you risk invalidating your insurance cover? Your existing

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Understanding Your Home Insurance Policy

Deciphering all of the parts of your home insurance policy can be difficult. This article covers the basics in order for you to understand your policy more easily. All home insurance policies follow the same general format: A declarations page, a definitions section and sections for property insurance and liability insurance. Policy Schedule The policy

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