According to an article in the Telegraph, an estimated 11 million people use price comparison websites to shop for their insurance1. It’s hardly surprising, as we seem to be bombarded by entertaining and heart-warming ads about cute little animals. And at face value, they look like an effective way of doing your market research to find the best quote – but is that really the case?

Some disadvantages of using insurance comparison websites

According to Which?, the four largest comparison websites asked home insurance searchers on average a staggering 121 questions before providing a quote. Even then, people weren’t necessarily being offered the right level of cover, and inconsistencies existed between what these websites were saying and what people got. Some new policy holders were underinsured and exposed to risk; others were paying too much for their cover.

On top of these results, there are a number of other disadvantages to a comparison website:

  • You can still spend hours of your own time looking for quotes.
  • Without expert advice, do you really understand the cover you need? 
  • Quotes start with the lowest cover and the cheapest price, encouraging you to add optional extras to improve your cover. This often turns out more costly.
  • If you make a mistake with your cover, you may be liable for additional costs and worse case not be covered.
  • If you make a claim, it’ll be you who deals with insurers, loss adjusters and contractors, which can be time consuming, stressful and confusing if you’re not an expert.
  • When pursuing a claim, you rarely get to speak straight away to a real human being.
  • If your needs are complex, you can’t always be accommodated by comparison websites.
  • Not all insurers use these sites. You’ll need to do further research for a comprehensive view of the market.

… maybe there’s a better way to find the best insurance cover at the best price.

Why use Glowsure to find your insurance?

Quite simply, our team at Glowsure are insurance nerds. We make your life easier and give you confidence that you’ll get the right product for you circumstances from day one. 

We deal directly with all our customers, so:

  • We spend the time searching for the best cover and price, fully understanding your needs.
  • We provide advice on the cover you need.
  • We tailor the best cover with no hidden costs.
  • If we make a mistake, our professional indemnity covers it so that you still get paid.
  • We manage all claims on your behalf, saving you time stuck on “hold” and guiding your hand through the claims process.
  • You speak to a real person every time, even if we are nerds.

Comparison websites aim to show you the lowest price, not the best products.

This could cost you more in both cash and time in the long run. Inadequate cover that’s not fit for purpose can leave you with substantial financial burden, so short-term gain can lead to long term pain.

Glowsure Insurance Brokers find specialist insurance for businesses, commercial properties, high value homes and buy-to-let properties. We help you find the right insurance for the risks you face, diligently reviewing terms, conditions and policy limitations and exclusions to make sure you are insured correctly. 

For a free, no obligation quote contact the Glowsure team on 01730 239387 (during working hours you’ll always speak to a person) or you can send an enquiry.

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Wesley is the Director at Glowsure Insurance Brokers. He's passionate about giving the best customer service he can, and this is at the core of everything at Glowsure.
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