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Live Well, Work Well – October 2015

5 Dangers of Not Getting Enough Sleep Recent research published by a group of US scientists claims that people who regularly get fewer than six hours of sleep each night are four times more likely to contract a cold. Sleep allows the body to rejuvenate and bolster its natural defences, so, by sleeping less, your

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Safety Focused Newsletter October 2015

Managing Asthma in the Workplace Learn how to manage work-related asthma. If you are experiencing difficulty breathing, tightness in the chest, coughing and wheezing in the workplace, there’s a chance that you may have work-related asthma. If contributors to asthma in the workplace aren’t addressed, they can negatively impact your overall quality of life and

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Live Well, Work Well

7 ways to Improve Your Well-being Poor lifestyle choices—such as an unhealthy diet, an inadequate amount of sleep and limited social interaction—can impair your productivity, cognitive abilities and focus. And, workplace stress, which affects 87 per cent of UK workers, can hasten the effects of poor wellness. For that reason, it is important that you

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Sensible Risk Assessments in Care Homes

People who work in care homes constitute a large and diverse workforce looking after a predominantly vulnerable population. Employees have the right to work in a healthy and safe workplace, and the people using services are entitled to care and support that is safe and takes their needs, freedom and dignity into account. A risk

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