How the New Recycling Regulations Affect Businesses

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Starting 1 January 2015, the government began enforcing new, stricter policies on the collection of recyclable material in order to achieve higher quality recyclates across the United Kingdom.
Under the new regulations, waste collection authorities and any businesses that produce waste must separate recyclable waste, including paper, plastic, metal and glass, from non-recyclable waste, such as food. These regulations may also force businesses to revisit their insurance policies in regards to how they sort and store waste, in order to avoid invalidating their cover.

The Regulations

The new regulations are an amendment to the EU Waste Framework Directive (WFD), which provides the legislative framework for the collection, transport, recovery and disposal of waste in the European Union. The WFD requires all member states to take the necessary measures to ensure waste is recovered or disposed of without endangering human health or causing harm to the environment, in addition to providing registration, inspection and permit requirements.

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Ben Sisson
Ben Sisson
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