We decided to take a bit of a different stance on our blog this month – when it comes to insurance claims it can be extremely stressful – we thought we would share a recent experience with you and the outcome we received for our client.

2nd April 2017: Our client notifies us of a new insurance claim as water was coming through the ceiling of the third floor on the 1st April. After taking details of the leak over the phone we requested the client take as many photos as possible and to get in touch with a contractor to come and stop the leak (ensuring they keep a record of any invoices or receipts) We advised that they obtain 2 estimates for repairs/replacement. Once all information had been gathered we quickly called the insurer to log the claim and advise that estimates and pictures were to follow.

6th June: Our client submits all the necessary paper work for the insurance claim (excluding internal damage repair costs) this is then sent to the insurer.

7th June: Insurer advises us that due to the size of the claim, a loss adjuster would be appointed and an inspection needed to be arranged. Once both parties had been contacted the inspection was due to take place on 13th June.

13th June: We meet with the loss adjustor, client and roofer who offered the most competitive premium. After inspecting the roof It was clear that some areas of the roof had been damaged but not the entire area, the quotation received was to replace the whole roof. The property was bought in 2015 so we made the suggestion that we review the survey carried out to show that the roof was in good condition. We then showed the loss adjustor the internal damage and he requested 2 estimates for repairs so that we can move forward with repairs.

14th June: We were contacted by the client to advise us that a survey was never carried out on the property. We suggested that the client see if the Letting Agent had any documents which may confirm the condition of the roof.

24th June: We chased the client to see if he had received anything from the Letting Agent that could confirm that the roof was in a good condition prior to damage and also chased up the builder’s internal estimates.

14th July: We received two estimates for repair for the internal damage to the property. Advise client that the claim cannot progress until we receive a report on the condition of the roof.

21st July: documentation received with sales particulars from the letting agent with regards to the property but with no mentioned about the condition of the roof. Documents sent to the insurer.

24th July: Contact from the client to say that he had contacted the bank and the mortgage valuation was going to be posted out, but it may take a few weeks. Information provided to update the loss adjustor and a note to say the valuation report would be forwarded once received.

2nd August: Loss adjustor emailed to confirm the acceptance of the internal damage from one of the estimates received at £4,500. He will wait to hear back from us with regards to the roof before offering a settlement.

8th August: We receive the valuation report from the client and it does mention the condition of the property and roof (music to our ears as this would make a difference in what the insurers will offer in way of settlement). The valuation report is emailed to the loss adjustor and await his advises.

10th August: Settlement offer of £5,100 as a contribution to the roof for the affected arrears so with the internal repairs at £4,500 the total amount is £9,500 after the deduction of a £100 excess.

14th August: £9,500 payment is made and the insurance claim is settled!

Testimonial received by the client:

‘Ryan Biggs and Glowsure are refreshing in the approach they take to customer service.I had a complex situation with a claim that required co-ordination of several parties to get resolution.Ryan organised everything professionally, kept me up to date, gave me sound advice and was tenacious on my behalf by collaborating effectively with everyone resulting in a no hassle positive (win win) outcome.I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending’. 

Picture of Rebecca Haynes
Rebecca Haynes
Rebecca is the Operations Manager at Glowsure and a self confessed insurance nerd. She helps businesses and landlords to retain income and continue trading in the event of a claim.
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