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Topics from this weeks newsletter include

  • How to Comply With the New, Mandatory Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme
    In 2014, the government introduced
    the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), a mandatory energy assessment scheme for specific UK organisations. See if yours qualifies…
  • Tap Into the Potential of Older Workers
    Employment Minister Esther McVey announced that the government is rolling out an ‘older workers’ champion scheme across the entire United Kingdom to tackle age discrimination
  • The Effect of International Sanctions on Business Operations
    Technological growth and free trade agreements continue to shrink the global marketplace—what was once on the other side of the world is now only a click away. While this expedites sales and fosters business relationships that cut across whole continents, it exposes multinational businesses to serious liability stemming from international sanctions.

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Ben Sisson
Ben Sisson
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